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[REMOTE] Head of Data Science

RemoteBelgium, Leuven

Job description, one of the world’s largest browser games platforms, is looking for a remote Head of Data Science. Your responsibility will be to use data to improve our games platform, which is used by 2 millions users per day. It is a broad role that encompasses data science strategy, implementation, and a significant amount of product management.


On a typical day you might:

  • Set our strategy with regards to data collection and usage

  • Work with our data engineer to improve our data collection

  • Implement Machine Learning algorithms

  • Act as a product manager to put your ideas into the product together with the engineering team

  • Work with our Product Designer to incorporate your product ideas

Key outcomes for the role:

  • Within 1 month, you have a good understanding of our product, users, and the current state of how we use (and don’t use) data.

  • Within 3 months, the product (in production) has already been improved based on your work.

  • Within 6 months, we see a 5% uplift in user engagement thanks to your improvements.

  • Within 12 months, you are fully responsible for collecting, analyzing, and using data to improve our product.

What we offer:

  • Small and elite engineering team of 6 engineers

  • A modern tech stack on a massive scale (over 150,000,000 gameplays per month)

  • A lot of responsibility and freedom. We hire only experts and trust them to deliver excellent results.

  • Flexible working hours and location. The results are what count!

  • 2 team weeks per year. We pay for flights and accommodation so you can have fun with the team.

  • The opportunity to play games and claim it's work.

Job requirements

Reach out if:

  • You are intelligent, efficient, and organized. You have an attention to detail.
  • You like open, efficient, and to-the-point communication and you have experience in working remotely.
  • You have a strong understanding of a wide range of technical topics (ranging from simple unix servers over web APIs to applied statistics).
  • You have experience with most of AWS, UNIX, SQL, large datasets, and a user-facing (web) product.
  • You have an excellent sense for and interest in how users use digital products.
  • You like diving into new things and challenging projects.